New Feature - Video Summaries on YouTube

As-salaam alaikum.  As a new feature, I am toying with the idea of presenting video summaries of the article on this blog.  As such, the summaries of the first article published on this blog, "The Biblical Story of Lot –An Analysis and Comparison with the Quranic Narrative" have now been published on YouTube:

As can be seen from the videos, they are nothing fancy.  Rather, they are just shortened versions of the article with some basic video effects, and divided into two parts (Part I discusses the Biblical story and Part II discusses the Quranic story).  Admittedly, I am very new to the art of making videos, so if there are any suggestions on how to improve the quality of the videos, please let me know.  Going forward, each published article will have its companion video published on YouTube, inshaAllah.